Film Series

House of World Cultures, Berlin
August, 11th to 14th 2005

India and India as it is presented in film, Europe and Europe as it comes across in film: the Import Export film programme is set between these worlds, each influencing the other in the form of the real and the imaginary since the beginning of the 20th Century. As scenery, location and place of longing, India - in contrast to many other countries of the world - has inspired Western filmmakers from the time of the silent movies. Orientalist film images have shaped the collective psyche and perception of India in Europe. In Indian cinema, in turn, “the West“ has long played an important part: as romantic refuge for lovers, as cultural origin for moral decline and as source of inspiration for remakes à la Bollywood. The programme shows a choice of classics, cult films and an archeological excavation in the form of documentary film. In addition, the three film-essays produced in the context of Import Export will be premiered: “From here to here” by Madhusree Dutta and Philip Scheffner, “The Animal next to us” by Michael Woergoetter and “Star Biz” by Merle Kroeger and Dorothee Wenner.
Each film will be preceded by an introduction drawing on special aspects of mutual perception.
The programme has been curated by Dorothee Wenner, Merle Kroeger and Hansa Thapliyal.


THURSDAY, 11.08.2005

10.00 pmStar Biz[more/mehr]
by Merle Kroeger and Dorothee Wenner, Germany 2005, 85 min

FRIDAY, 12.08.2005

8.00 pm “The Eschnapur Heritage” [more/mehr]
film lecture by Meenakshi Shedde, Bombay and Vinzenz Hediger, Berlin

SATURDAY, 13.08.2005

7.00 pm “Wanted! A Patriot” [more/mehr]
by Navina Sundaram, Germany 1971, English subtitles, 44 min
and “From Here to Here” [more/mehr]
by Madhusree Dutta and Philip Scheffner, India / Germany 2005, Video, 45 min
Discussion with the filmmakers

10.00 pm “Nayakan / The Hero” [more/mehr]
by Mani Ratnam, India 1987, 35mm, Hindi / Tamil with English subtitles, 155 min

SUNDAY, 14.08.2005

2.00 pm “Prem Sanyas / Die Leuchte Asiens” [more/mehr]
by Franz Osten and Himansu Rai, India/Germany 1925, 35 mm, silent, b&w, English intertitles, 96 min

6.00 pm “The Animal Next to us” [more/mehr]
by Michael Woergoetter, India/Europe 2005, 70 min
Discussion with the filmmaker

8.00 pm “Purab aur Pachhim / East and West” [more/mehr]
by Manoj Kumar, India 1970, b/w + col, original format: 35mm (due to non-existence of a subtitled filmprint, this film will be shown as english subtitled DVD), 187 min

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