Vienna Chapter

Austrian partner and curators are Angelika Fitz and Michael Woergoetter of DeEgo, in collaboration with the Vienna Kuenstlerhaus.

The Vienna based art and theory network DeEgo was founded in 1996 by Michael Woergoetter. DeEgo projects aim to expand artistic purposes and methods. Their intentions are aesthetic and political ones as well as those with a social relevance for all participating parties. Beginning with the concept through all stages of realization they involve a variety of people and institutions from different levels of society.
Between 1998 and 2001 Angelika Fitz and Michael Woergoetter from DeEgo have realized several projects with Indian artists and theorists in New Delhi and Bombay, like „Global Servants“ and „Boxwallahs“.

The Vienna Kuenstlerhaus is an exhibition place, rich in tradition. The historical building was built in 1868, as an event site and exhibition house for the oldest artist association of Austria.
The house is still owned by "The Association of Austrian Artists, Kuenstlerhaus", founded in 1861.
Since 1998, the new management of the house has been pursuing a new exhibition program, focusing on architecture, interdisciplinary theme-exhibitions, international cooperations as well as exhibitions by members.



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