Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna
May 19th to 22nd, 2005
Opening 19. Mai 2005, 7 pm

Wild Life Garden
Ennui in the zoo of identities
by Shantanu Lodh and Michael Wörgötter, 2005

Michael Wörgötter: Apart from pure business interests there are really luxurious intercultural artistic co-operations. These are like hours shared doing bricolage deep down in the dungeon of the mutual other's culture. Dirk Baecker is asking, not without reason: "Why culture?" - And Boris Buden declares culture being 'intranslateable'. We freely translate: culture is a 'river with no return'. One thing's for sure: it never rains but pours (culturally) - this is why we are working on our safety-plan and are rehearsing different variants of escape. We kindly ask for hints.

Shantanu Lodh: Probably there is something like an instinct for civilisation. And I am not talking about good taste or the like, but about sensing cruelty, restriction and blatancy, which takes your breath away. Yet, it is not just with talk about culture, that our hairs are synchronously standing on end. This is quite interesting, because we both come from a completely different backgound. If there was an olympic discipline "hairs synchronously standing on end", we'd stand a fair chance to win a medal. But then we talk about competition, and as they say: being there is all the fun! Well, at this point we really ask, why everybody is so eager to go on vacation.

Since 1999 Indian artist Shantanu Lodh and his Austrian colleague Michael Wörgötter have been collaborating on a number of artistic projects.

Shantanu Lodh, artist (Delhi)

Michael Woergoetter, (born 1963) is film-maker, artist and curator based in Vienna. Founder of the arts and theory network DeEgo. He lectures at the University for Applied Art in Vienna.

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